Investment Opportunities in the Venice of the Red Sea

Speak to any investor about the opportunities for property investment in Egypt, and it’s likely that destinations such as Hurghada, New Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh will be discussed length. This seems set to change in the near future, as El Gouna looks set to become one of the Red Sea Rivera’s most desirable residential locations. With its clear blue waters, and dramatic, mountainous backdrops, it is easy to see why El Gouna has caught the eye of an increasing number of overseas property investors.

The focus of this superb new master development is in its unique waterfront location. More than just a typical beachfront destination, El Gouna is built along ten kilometres of Egypt’s popular Red Sea coastline, and is spread across a series of islands which are interlinked by a number of picturesque lagoons. In fact, it is these stunning blue lagoons which have resulted in the development being branded as the Venice of the Red Sea. Just over 22 kilometres from the International Airport in Hurghada, the area is just four hours flying time from the major European destinations.

Within the development itself, there is a wide array of activities on offer. Throughout the day, world class scuba diving, quad bike riding and desert safaris cater for the more active residents, whilst at night more than 100 cafes, bars and restaurants offer a wide selection of cuisine from all over the world. At the very heart of the project lies the marina developments, where during the day the luxury yachts berth and where at night a vibrant and lively atmosphere can be sampled amongst the numerous cafes and restaurants.

Given the level of development within the resort, it is understandable that there is an increasing demand for property in El Gouna. To date, a number of high quality developments have been announced, and these are already proving popular with investors keen to capitalise on what is being seen as one of the Red Sea’s future luxury resorts. To date, over 2,500 Egyptian and European families have bought property in El Gouna, a figure which increases on a daily basis, and which seems set to continue for the foreseeable future.

A year round climate, breathtaking natural beauty, superb cuisine and award winning architecture have combined to make the region one of the Red Sea’s most desirable locations. All these factors, combined with the compelling economic argument for investing in property in Egypt make El Gouna one of the most exciting investment opportunities currently available.

The Argument For Solar Subsidies

Why should there be any consideration given for subsidizing solar power? Why should there be any consideration for subsidizing fossil fuelled power? How about nuclear power subsidies?

In case you think there are no subsidies for nuclear power, you would be wrong. And as much as I am a proponent for solar energy, I can understand that nuclear power requires a large investment and the end product serves the general public. True, nuclear power has been around long enough now to be considered reliable, but one catastrophic event might be sufficient to alter our opinions about that very quickly.

The events at Three Mile Island nearly became a disaster, but fortunately it never quite escalated into a full blown event. Chernobyl was not quite so kind to us however, and the effects of that disaster are still being felt to this day. Had an event such as this happened in the U.S., I doubt that nuclear power would be looked upon quite so kindly.

Can anyone tell us why fossil fuelled power is still being subsidized to such a huge degree? Are you aware of the billions of dollars every year given to the fossil fuel lobby? That is something that needs to stop right away. Whatever the real cost of fossil fuelled power is should be borne by the consumer.

In that case, why should solar power deserve to have any subsidization at all?

Quite simple really. Everyone on the planet will end up being the beneficiary of any and all solar developments. The sooner we get to the point where solar power costs are reduced, the sooner we will all start using it.

Unfortunately, we still have that nagging tendency to always want to take the cheap way out. If it is going to cost us another dime, we aren’t interested.

Why can we not all stand up and face the fact that we must change this attitude. So what if it costs a couple of bucks more. Wouldn’t you rather have a lot cleaner air and better health? Can we not understand what other costs are being generated by our continued overuse of fossil fuels?

It seems such a shame that the great financial powerhouse that the U.S. is seems unable to get behind solar energy in a more meaningful way. The latest subsidy figure I have obtained for alternative energy is a paltry $1 billion per year. For fossil fuelled power, multiply that by 70.

Fossil fuel is on the way out. It is inevitable and only a matter of time before we run out. Tomorrow will be too late to fix everything. Today is when we need to act. And whatever it takes in the way of subsidies to see to it that this happens now, needs to be addressed by our politicians.

Can you imagine what could happen if the fossil fuel subsidy was switched over to solar energy tomorrow? Wow! What a great idea!

Subsidies are available for you right now to have your own system installed, did you know that? In many cases these subsidies are often in the 45% range of the system price. Think about it. Why not go for your own system today? Why wait for the government to get around to doing it?

If you are even more ambitious than that, you can make your own system. There is more information which you can find by going here.

How Necessary Is SEO for Website Success?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of those things that is considered necessary for success in the online world. Along with online reputation management and social media management, it is one of the central tenants of conducting business on the internet, and there are many reasons for this. Yet in a changing virtual landscape, is SEO really necessary for website success?

To give a little background to what SEO actually is, it can be said to be a set of rules that a website owner can follow in order to optimise their site to search engines. They can improve their position in search engine results page rankings and therefore be found much more easily by their target audience.

There are several different aspects of this, including on page and off page SEO, each of which contributes to creating a rounded search engine optimisation strategy. In addition to this, it can also make websites far easy to navigate and more user friendly by the use of certain keywords.

One of the issues with search engine optimisation is that these rules are constantly changing. There are ways to ‘trick’ the system in order to get higher rankings, yet companies such as Google, and their algorithms which decide which websites should appear in rankings, are constantly seeking to deliver more valid results.

This includes removing irrelevant and outdated content from the search engine results pages. By working with a top SEO company it is possible to stay up-to-date with all these changing rules and therefore make the most of them. There is therefore a strong argument for investing in SEO when it is delivered in this up to date way.

One of the key reasons why SEO is so important is because the vast majority of the people who use search engines will choose the top suggestions in the result pages. Whether your content is the best or not does not really matter, as people are often pressed for time and will just click on the first few convenient options that appear in front of them.

There is also an improved reputation which comes along with appearing higher up in the results pages on search engines. Many people consider that those appearing in the first, second and third spots on these pages are actually there for good reason.

Although this is certainly true in some respect – as the most successful and relevant companies often appear in the top spots – this gives a major disadvantage to growing businesses that are looking to compete with these well-established companies.

In addition to this, SEO can improve the user experience on a particular website. This allows people to find exactly what they are looking for. If they find your website listed in search engine results pages, if they click through they are likely to be looking for something in particular. If your SEO practices are good, you will be delivering the right content to the right client when they do this.

This is also a valuable tool for the promotion of your website on social media. By using keywords and other SEO practices in your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, this allows the right people to find you and help promote your site to the audience that needs you. Any top SEO company will be able to advise you on the best practices here.

As you can see, there are several advantages to investing in search engine optimisation. It is a practice that is certainly not dead, although it will keep evolving and it is necessary to stay relevant and up-to-date. For this reason, make sure that you choose to work with a top SEO company when tailoring your website and marketing to your business objectives.